Welcome to the Africana Business Group:

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We know the way...

The ABG Group is an investment company with a wide variety of business interests that includes technology & consulting; financial markets; commercial and residential property;construction and developments; events and seminars; courier and transport; and tourism.

We invest and participate in industry sectors that promises good returns and exhibit strong potential for growth and prosperity. We are constantly on the lookout for business opportunities that will yield the greatest return for our shareholders and investors.

We know the way...and we always find a away.

Brief Company Overview:

We know the way...

Our vision is to become the largest investment company in the world. Our mission is to bring the greatest value to our investors and shareholders; while adding sustainable value to the business operations of our clients and partners.

Value Proposition: Any business exercise or transaction that we do or engage with our customer leaves them in a much better state than they were before. We create long lasting and beneficial business relationships with our clients and the surrounding community.

Competitive edge: Our company ‘s key personnel is made up of individuals with a combined experience of thirty years in corporate and business dynamics. Our staff members are adequately educated with Bachelor degrees and Master’s degrees in science,computing, mathematics and finances. We have established key partnerships with leading companies and organisations in South Africa and this gives us a huge competitive advantage over our peers in the industry

We know the way...and we always find a away.

Contact Details

21 Glen Estates
Van Tonder Street,
Land : 011 609 2900
Cell : 083 276 3009
Fax : 086 226 5786
Email : Info@ABG-Group.co.za
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ImageTechnology & Consulting
Our focus is on SaaS or Cloud Computing, Network Infrastructure, Information Security, Application Development, Business Intelligence, Fleet Management,Payment Solutions, Business and Strategic Development. Read more....

ImageEvents & Seminars
We primarily schedule and host events with themes ranging from pure science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with emphasis on the social, government and business impact. Read more...

ImageConstruction and Developments
Our interest lie in the purchase, re-construction and development of dilapidated buildings in and around major cities in the country. Through our strategic aliance with XXX3 we are also involved in residential property construction. Read more...

ImageCourier & Transportation
Our courier and transporation leg of the business involves a shuttle services, parcel and goods delivery throughout the country and neighbouring states. Read more...